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Trading Card Graphics

We provide high-quality images for trading cards used in social games by carefully selected creators from Japan and around the world.


Background images

We can deliver background images for use in video games including RPGs adventure games social games and more.


Art direction services

Have one of our highly experienced art directors oversee the art for your entire game through this premiere service.

Our Policy

Creation of quality

Dragon Graphic Box aims to imagine new value in graphics by consistently providing the highest level of quality in the world.

Worldwide branding

Creative minds from 12 countries including Japan South Korea the United States and China continuously produce such works. We help provide the worldwide branding that is crucial for creative success.

Maximize creator's value

Our services are limited to the highest quality creators in the graphic business worldwide and we work together with them to increase the value of computer graphics.

Technology to organize

Dragon Graphic Box has an internal social networking system that allows for smooth communication between creators and clients greatly improving efficiency for everyone involved.

Our Result

Dragon Graphic BOX has been chosen by many of companies as the worlds first solution specialized for social game graphics.